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Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Transmission-Dependent Utilities (Munis & Co-ops)

David developed The Cruthirds Report for independent power producers and "transmission-dependent" utilities whose profitability and economic viability depends on having comparable access to the nation´s electric transmission system. State and federal regulators hold the "keys to the kingdom" because they regulate the transmission owners and set the rules that govern access to the interstate grid. Timely access to credible information, therefore, is absolutely essential for IPPs and TDUs to stay on top of the latest regulatory developments so they can act to protect their interests.

RTOs and Utilities

RTOs and utilities who are in the southeast or who have any interest in the southeast will not find a better source of information and insight about the latest regulatory developments in the region. The Cruthirds Report is simply the best - especially the in-depth coverage of state regulatory developments. State regulatory issues are notoriously challenging to monitor. It isn´t too difficult to monitor one state - or maybe two - but monitoring 11 state commissions plus FERC is beyond the ability of most organizations to effectively handle.

Hit or miss coverage simply won´t cut it either - you miss too much and will inevitably be surprised by a development you wish you had seen coming. You are devoting way too many resources if you are trying to do this with in-house resources. Some Washington DC and local law firms provide monitoring services but The Cruthirds Report does a much better job and does so for a lot less money.  

Trade Associations and Policy-makers (regulatory & legislative)

The Cruthirds Report is a tremendous value for state and federal regulators, legislators and other policy-makers who must make critical decisions about the future of our industry.  Policy-makers must have access to a dependable source of information if they have any hope of possessing the knowledge and wisdom to make decisions that will best serve consumers. Policy-makers must have a keen awareness of the very latest regulatory developments as well as insight into how their actions impact the industry. These organizations all face limited budgets but all have a major need for timely information.  The Cruthirds Report is perfect for budget-constrained regulators, legislators and trade associations.


Consultants, Law Firms, Bankers, Stock Analysts, Credit Ratings Agencies as well as Individual and Institutional Investors

The Cruthirds Report is an excellent tool for a wide variety of companies, organizations and individuals who are interested in independent power producers, utilities and the operation of competitive markets in the southeast United States.  The Cruthirds Report is not intended to provide investment advice, but the actions of state and federal regulators consistently have a profound impact upon the financial performance of regulated utilities and competitive market participants. 

The Cruthirds Report and David´s individual consulting services help industry analysts better understand the regulatory process and incorporate that knowledge into their analysis of companies and risk assessments. Law firms and consultants find the information enables them to identify new clients as well as to provide enhanced services to current clients.

Bankers, lenders and investors face unprecedented risks as underfunded IPPs continue to sell distressed merchant plants.  Access to a reliable source of information and insight into the murky and sometimes frustrating world of regulation is absolutely vital to successfully manage those risks. 

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