What is The Cruthirds Report?

The Cruthirds Report is an internet-based newsletter and regulatory monitoring service that includes an extensive, fully-searchable database of cases that tracks noteworthy state and federal regulatory developments affecting electricity and natural gas markets in the southeast US.  "Regular Edition Reports" go out every 2 weeks, usually on Monday mornings. Regular Edition Reports are distributed via e-mail and contain highlights and insights about key regulatory and commercial developments from the previous 2 weeks.

The Cruthirds Report contains a password-protected, fully searchable database containing details on hundreds of state PSC and FERC cases. The Cruthirds Report also includes a "Regulatory Events Calendar" that helps clients and subscribers stay on top of upcoming events to better manage their travel plans and budgets. 

What are "Special Editions"?

"Special Edition Reports" are issued as needed for time-sensitive or particularly newsworthy developments. The "Special Edition Reports" are very popular, especially the reports on the quarterly conference calls with financial analysts conducted by Duke Energy, the Southern Company and the Entergy Corporation.

David personally attends and publishes "Special Edition Reports" on the majority of the Louisiana Public Service Commission meetings because of the great importance clients and subscribers attach to developments involving Entergy, as well as the number of "hot button" and precedent-setting issues being addressed by the Louisiana PSC. David also attends and issues "Special Edition Reports" on selected conventions, meetings, technical conferences, hearings, workshops and other events that are likely to contain information of value and interest to clients and subscribers. 

The trade press provides a few "sound bites" from key meetings and technical conferences, but The Cruthirds Report provides details and insights that are not consistently available from any other source.  You have likely experienced the same frustration that David has - reading trade press reports from a meeting you attended and wondering whether the reporter was at the same meeting you attended because the report didn´t capture the "essence" of the event.

David´s "hands-on" industry experience enables him to capture the tone and tenor of the event and capture key developments that are likely to have the greatest impact on the industry. David does his best to give you the feel of "having been there" by capturing details, as well as nuances that provide subtle - and sometimes not so subtle - clues about the future direction of a utility or regulatory agency.

Clients and subscribers value Regular Edition Reports because of the consistent coverage of the "bread & butter" developments from the previous two weeks. Regular Edition Reports are the "blocking and tackling" portions of the service that provide the foundation other aspects of the service. Special Edition Reports, on the other hand, are the "crème de le crème" of the service that contain information, insights and commentary that "make a difference" Clients and subscribers value the "gold nuggets" contained in all of the reports, but the Special Edition Reports are the icing on the cake that can make a real difference between you and your competitors.

Scope of Coverage
The Cruthirds Report covers the non-ERCOT portion of east Texas, the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, the New Orleans City Council, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North & South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee/TVA, and Kentucky. The Cruthirds Report also covers selected FERC issues and cases that will impact energy markets in the southeast. The unique value of the service, however, is the in-depth coverage of state PSCs in the region, which are notoriously challenging to monitor.

"Ignorance is not bliss" in this business - what you don´t know, can and will hurt you. Subscribing to The Cruthirds Report will give you the confidence that you are identifying troublesome obstacles as well as key opportunities for your organization.

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