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David´s extensive in-house experience includes obtaining certificates of need & necessity for power plants, developing and implementing strategies to influence the regulatory process (lobbying, rulemakings, commission investigations, etc.) and supporting commercial efforts (transmission, marketing, establishing a "presence", etc.).

David has participated in wholesale and retail energy market development efforts since the early 1990´s and can help you brainstorm and develop your marketing strategies. David´s institutional knowledge of Entergy, the Southern Company and other market participants in the southeast will help you get up to speed quickly and accurately. David is well known in the region by regulators, utilities and industrial consumers and can help you enhance your contacts in the region. Sometimes knowing who to call within a state commission or utility can save you a lot of time and aggravation and can sometimes mean the differences between success and failure.

Times are tough and resources are tight. Organizations are being forced to "do more with less" - David´s services can help. Retainer packages include a subscription to The Cruthirds Report as well as a number of specified hours per month (2-5 hours per month are popular choices). Retainer agreements make David available for ongoing consultation, much as an "in-house" person would be, but for a fraction of the cost. As a licensed attorney, David treats confidential client information and communications very carefully and will maintain strict confidence of your organization´s sensitive communications.

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