Legal Representation Before State PUCs and FERC

David is a licensed attorney (Texas) who can assist you with a variety of regulatory and consulting needs. David provides a "regional" service extending from the non-ERCOT portion of east Texas all the way to Virginia. Many market participants struggle with their representation at the state level. David can work with your internal legal and regulatory personnel, as well as with your outside counsel, to design strategies and tactics that are more likely to be effective at the state level.  David´s knowledge and experience before state public utility commissions can complement your efforts and increase the chances you will achieve your goals.  

Retaining local counsel in each state sometimes present challenges for organizations who are interested in state commission issues on a regional basis. Retaining local counsel in each state is expensive and often presents issues involving coordination and communication. Competitive market participants sometime have difficulty finding local counsel who have the desired experience - and who don´t have any conflicts of interest. Achieving consistency in accurately conveying the nuances of your position to each state commission is very difficult when you are using 7-10 lawyers spread across the region, each of whom has different experience and perspectives.

David´s regional service solves many of those problems. With David, you get someone who is well versed on the very latest issues, as well as someone who has been working in the southeast US for over 10 years. Organizations work hard to develop their messages and deserve to have the nuances of their positions understood and communicated accurately. With David, you explain your positions once and he can take your message from state to state, assuring that a commissioner or staffer from Louisiana receives the same message as those in the Carolinas.

There will be times, of course, when you need some "heavy lifting" or "24/7" service on the local level. You need good local counsel for intensive case management and litigation, but even then, David´s involvement can complement your efforts and help you do a better job at the state level.  

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